How to make a weight loss challenge fair


how to make a weight loss challenge fair

When writing up the rules for your Weight Loss Challenge there are a few things to include to make sure the Challenge is fun and fair for everyone. Your rules will. Whether you have decided to start your own weight loss challenge or you have decided to have a weight loss challenge with your family, friends or office group; you. How to create a fair weight loss challenge? Just want to find a way to make it fair for both of us! I really don't like the idea of a weight loss challenge.

You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience. Calorie Counter Follow Us: Log In Sign Up. You are currently viewing the message boards in: Home Recent Discussions Search. My sister and I need to lose weight. I need to lose about lbs and she needs to lose about We are doing this for three months so at the end, the person who lost the overall most percentage of body weight wins it all.

I thought this would be fair because theoretically I should lose weight faster with so much more weight to go than her. Today was our first weigh in and I lost 1. I am super happy for her of course and happy for both of us, but I also want to have a chance to win.

Im just thinking since we both set our myfitnesspal settings to lose 1. And then whoever actually sticks with he plan the best is the one who wins? Or would it be fair to stick with the percentage lost which would mean id have to lose about 3lbs a week to meet her 1.

Just want to find a way to make it fair for both of us! April 1, Just forget about the money and work to decrease your weight together. You both share the experience, support each other and lose weight whenever your goal is achieved. A lot of people, when doing challenges like this, use body fat percentage.

You can always try the biggest loser equation. This plan illustrates a complete lack of understanding about how dieting works outside of a theoretical thought bubble.

Our family is doing a similar challenge in order to help motivate my son and his GF to be healthier. Except we each have in the pot. We are going off of percent of goal met. That is the fairest. I had the least amount to lose and dropped rapidly the first week with water weight, then have just inched after that.

April 2, I think challenges can be fun and motivating. I did one with friends last year, it combined weight loss with healthy behaviors. Most points at the end of three months won.

And it can also lead to people being way to aggressive in an effort to win and end up causing harm to themselves or burning out and rebounding. Maybe you could base it off some kind of successful behavior change, like a certain amount of money for each day under calorie goal? And if your sister only has 30 lbs to lose, 1. Regardless best of luck to both of you.

April 2, 3: Or are you asking about how to structure your next potential challenge after the three months have run out? I like goals with dates, challenges, erm You have to try harder if you want a chance at winning. Moving more is good too IMO. If you know you have done your very best then that is good enough and you body will do what it does.

April 2, 2: Those who win during a challenge and go on to participate in the next one have to use their final weight from the previous challenge as the starting weight for the next challenge, to prevent yo-yoing and promote long-term wellness. Also, goal percentages are lower and prizes are higher for those doing multiple challenges.

We also have other reward programs to promote wellness, because obviously not everyone needs to lose weight. Maybe try to come up with ways to reward eachother and yourselves rather than working against each other.

April 3, 8: I hate the idea of weight loss challenges. Weight loss is not a competitive sport. Having a couple of components in your challenge might play to each of your strengths in different ways, making things feel less one-sided. April 3, 9: April 3, This way, the pot grew, and made you want to stay on pace!

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how to make a weight loss challenge fair how to make a weight loss challenge fair how to make a weight loss challenge fair how to make a weight loss challenge fair

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