Can you lose weight while taking wellbutrin


can you lose weight while taking wellbutrin

People may experience side effects during treatment with Wellbutrin, and weight loss can be one of if you are losing too much weight while taking Wellbutrin. Are you taking Wellbutrin (bupropion) or considering going on the medication? Many consumers wonder if they will lose weight on Wellbutrin. While your health care. Does Wellbutrin Work for Weight Loss? some people believe that Wellbutrin may help you to lose weight. Can You Lose Weight by Taking Chickweed? can you lose weight while taking wellbutrin

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I did not gain weight as a result of the Wellbutrin. The cravings are horrible! I stopped Effexor because the longer I took it the more side effects it had. JoMarieHa July 6, I started in January mg and have gained almost 10 lbs. I am about ready to lose my mind. can you lose weight while taking wellbutrin can you lose weight while taking wellbutrin can you lose weight while taking wellbutrin

Does Wellbutrin cause weight gain or loss? I am taking Wellbutrin and i wanted to know if it causes weight loss or gain. Its also a great energy boost and thats coming from someone who gets up at 5 am after getting up through out the night with a 2 month old and not getting to bed till midnight or later while juggling school job online classes and a boyfriend and is How are you doing?

I was on paxail for many years and just switched to Wellbutrin. Worried abou side effects. I have also gained 30 lbs: I was on Paxil for anxiety for about 2 years and gained almost 40 pounds.

The Paxil was initially very helpful, however, the weight gain was not something that I was willing to deal with and the drugs effectiveness waned. I was put on Wellbutrin by another Doctor while I was weaning myself of Paxil. I lost all the weight that I had gained on Paxil and more within 3 months. I recently began taking the drug again for some anxiety based depression, and I am finding the same thing happening.

It seems to curb any appetite. Sometimes I will not realize I have not eaten until I start to feel weak. This is NOT a good feeling either, as it is harder to go throughout my day.

My experience is very similar. I was lbs when I started taking Paxil for anxiety and gained about 40lbs over the course of 2 years. I started on Wellbutrin at the suggestion of my Dr. Within about 5 months of taking Wellbutrin I was down to around lbs. I recently started taking Wellbutrin again for anxiety and depression after not taking anything for over a year.

Within a week I have lost around 5 lbs. Like you said, I have to remind myself to eat. I have tried to come off Paxil a couple of times, and had "electric jolts" in my head, dizziness, and nausea.

Be sure to taper! I started taking Wellbutrin mg on Dec 28th, Increase the dosage 5 days later to mg daily. Now the weight gain is out of control. I lost about 20 or so pounds by July, when my dosage was increased to mg extended release. By september, I had lost a total of 45 pounds. I am a 20 year old female however 19 when I started taking it , so it is rather easy to lose weight at my age.

I still have sever depression and severe anxiety, but I know I can overcome it, especially with the help of these drugs. I was on 60 mg of paxil daily for about 7 years.

Gained about 25 lbs, ZERO sex drive and felt as though it was no longer working for my depression. I found this out after going through rehab, getting out, and days later, drinking again as much as before! I decided to quit the Paxil, cold turkey.

NOT a good idea But I did it Google paxil-alcohol cravings if this has been a problem for you No paxil, extreme reduction of alcohol, and I have lost 14 pounds in the past 6 weeks!

Need to quit smoking, and still having a bit of depression. Used Wellbutrin before, generic, lost weight and quit smoking. Made me a bit aggressive, but then, I was in a horrible relationship. Had lots of energy and felt VERY good about myself Going to ask for it again.

And be sure to research ANY drug before taking it. Doctors these days seem to have no problem prescribing and "upping" the dosages. Yes, why I got on this site, my Doc thought it would help me lose weight and quit smoking, my smoking is down but I am hungry all the time! No, not losing weight!

I started mg wellbutrin sr,about 2 wks ago i also take 40 mg prozax. I think everyone is different and you must guage your response to and drug carefully. Some lucky folks have noticed weight loss, sometimes dramatic, but that effect does not apply to everyone! I am taking wellbutrin to stop smoking.

It does help so i really need to stop soon. I dont know if wellbutrin is causing my weight gain. But i have been putting on pounds. I been trying to watch what i eat. I work in pharmacy. Girl came tonight said she gain 30 pounds on wellbutrin.

I wonder if that what my problem is. I think it must very in people. It ok to try it. Does not mean a person is likely to have them. I was afraid to take it at first also. I would give it a try. If we search out the side affects on everything we take. The only time I was off Wellbutrin was when I was pregnant, but I obviously gained weight then and a stack too!

I had to do a massive diet to lose weight. I have fought with depression on and off all my life. My most recent was Celexa. I however have a multitude of issues to factor into the equation. First of all, depression can be more dangerous to some than others. I had brain surgery in to remove a tumor.

After this and all the drugs they put me on I gained lots of weight which added to the depression that I already had. So fought to get answers and became more and more depressed. I was put in Celexa and I was also put on Lamictal. Gained back the 20 pounds amost immediately. Then they added Lyrica to the mix. So weened off the Celexa and my depression came back in a tidal wave. I had been on Celexa 20mg for 10 years, and switched to Wellbutrin to help me quit smoking, along with the depression.

In seven months I have gone from to I have always been able to keep my weight around , at almost 40 years of age. I do pilates 4 days a week, curves 4 days a week, and I also run. I eat really well also, and my weight will only change by two pounds!!! I am about ready to lose my mind. I am a little bit nervous as well.

I have been on w for 2 weeks now.. I am bipolar and this should help me.. So, from reading this long stream of comments I notice that some people lose weight and some gain it on this medication.

Not so surprising--there is a lot of variation in responses to these drugs. I just started wellbutrin I am taking ML a day. I am not suffering from depression and I dont smoke, but I am just hoping to have more energy and lose some weight? I started taking Topamax in September for severe migraines, 30 days later, we added Prozac, 30 days later added Wellbutrin.

The first month I lost 5 lbs, the second month 3 lbs, the 3rd month 15 lbs. Since September I have lost 55 lbs and have 25 to go to reach my goal. I am not sitting on my butt hoping the pill will do magic, I purchased a pedometer and started logging my activity level which was next to nothing when I started. Every day I pushed to walk 1 step more than the previous day. There is no pill that is going to just magically make you lose weight.

You have to want to lose it and you have to put the effort and commitment into it. Has it helped my migraines?

can you lose weight while taking wellbutrin can you lose weight while taking wellbutrin



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